Radio Rubber Room #200 ft. The Mad Children

Radio Rubber Room #200 ft. The Mad Children

Today, we celebrate the TWO HUNDREDTH EPISODE of Radio Rubber Room with some of our favorite RVA rock n’ rollers, The Mad Children! Join the insanity on!


We can’t say enough THANK YOU’s to everyone that has played, visited, supported, listened, recorded, engineered, shared, laughed, cried, and in every other way contributed to making this possible.

Special shout outs go to:
The long-lost founders and co-hosts that started Radio Rubber Room 200 episodes ago, Kris Manzeli & Dan Anderson;

Shaun Austin for being Shaun Austin; frequent guest host Brian Riley;

Justin Lewis for recording a majority of our skits and ads;

Former sound engineer and badass DJ from our WHAN days Roger Reynolds (the Drive Thru w/ Rog) & WHAN for letting us be ridiculous on the air;

The staff of Emilio’s, The Camel, The Broadberry, and The (former) Republic – for letting us be ridiculous in their bar;

Brian Farquhar for letting us be even more ridiculous in his studio for the last nearly-3 years;

Nicole Wade, Lauren Kent, and Jason Wade for their amazing photos and dedication;

Jess McLean for all of her efforts at keeping us sane and funded;

Jon Lee for our website and maintenance and EJ for helping us revamp it (in progress!);

and ALL OF THE AMAZING RVA BANDS that have performed on the show! We wouldn’t have a show if we didn’t have so much awesome music to show off!


The Mad Children are:
James Baxter- guitar/vocals, Will Russell- guitar/vocals, Nate Bernard- bass, James Gibian- drums/percussion

Genre: Jazz Infused Psychedelic Rock n Roll from the RVA!

Radio Rubber Room is recorded and engineered live at Sound Check Studios in Richmond, Va by Brian Farquhar and Dan McDonough


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Show Credits

Podcast Recorded & Mixed by Brian Farquhar at Sound Check Studios —

Radio Rubber Room intro song by Mylo Shift  —

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