RRR Episode 215 ft. SEAWHORSE

RRR Episode 215 ft. SEAWHORSE

SEAWHORSE has taken over Radio Rubber Room! Check it out, y’all – wicked silliness and sweet sweet surf rock jams coming at ya from RRR and Sound Check Studios!


Endothermic Surf Rock


Scientific name: Equus caballus

Lifespan: 25 – 30 years

Speed: 25 – 30 mph (Galloping)

Mass: 840 – 2,200 lbs (Adult)

Gestation period: 11 – 12 months

Height: 4.7 – 6 ft. (Adult, At the withers)

Band Interests

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Episode Credits

RRR – Playlist- Episode 215 – SEAWHORSE – 10-4-16

Into- Myles Shiflo

Track 1 – Downbeat Switch, Broad Street Lullaby
Break 1 – Curiosity – Camel ChefX – Nabrolean

Track 2 – Hot Reader, Landmine
Break 2 – Bigger They Are – BroTravCoffee – CoolGel

Track 3 – MyWay, OMG
Break 3 – TVHelmet – Track 4 – Recluse Racoon – WBSimon

Track 5 – Handsome Professor, Summer Stains
Break 4 – HayInNeedleStack – VCYoga – ActIonDerrick

Track 6 Outro – Kings, Strange Love

Live Sound Engineer- Brian Fahrquhar

Show Credits

Podcast Recorded & Mixed by Brian Farquhar at Sound Check Studios —

Radio Rubber Room intro song by Mylo Shift  —

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Scientific name: Equus caballus Lifespan: 25 – 30 years Speed: 25 – 30 mph (Galloping) Mass: 840 – 2,200 lbs (Adult) Gestation per
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