9/15 Camp Howard, Dead Frog, Illiterate Light, Angelica Garcia

9/15 Camp Howard, Dead Frog, Illiterate Light, Angelica Garcia

September 16, 2017 1:00 AM @The Camel

Friday, September 15th, 2017 – The Camel – $10adv/$12dos
Doors at 8 :30 PM, Show at 9:30 PM

Camp Howard emerged out of the high energy DIY scene in Richmond, VA. After playing shows nearly every night for months, they released their debut self-titled album- a product of their early acoustic bedroom songwriting projects, their first laid-back indie rock efforts as an established four-piece, and their heavier more aggressive punk influenced experiments. Since their debut release in 2016, the band has continued to write new material and tour with an emphasis on tight musicianship and honest self expression.

Much like static on the radio, Dead Frog is still part of the residual echo of the big bang. Where ancient hydrogen finds a new mutiny, that is where this story begins. In July of 2016, engineer Zach Fichter, Drummer Raphael Katchinoff, and Guitarist Russell Lacy met at The Virginia Moonwalker to push themselves beyond. Having only two prewritten compositions, the duo delved deep into rock, blues, and even country idioms to try and find a voice. After filling two reels of tape, the group dispersed to see what had actually occurred. Magnets and explosions had been achieved – a cacophony of space echo and percussion – a primordial extension of the soul bathing in psychedelics. The missing appendage to this frankenstein was bass player Andrew Carper. With a deep knowledge of bass and harmony, the songs could now grow into their own place in this world, from seeds shouldering their way through the earth and into saplings. The trio worked over the next year to tend to this musical garden, and in turn, the collective voice of the band emerged as spring does from winter. This life cycle can be experienced in any live performance. Volcanic solos and angelic harmonies and a plugger’s finesse. Rock ‘n roll is far from deader than dead, so find your flame and STAR HALO YALL.

Illiterate Light is an Experimental Indie Rock Duo coming out of the strange house show and social justice communities of Harrisonburg, VA. Singer/Guitarist/Bassist Jeff Gorman and Drummer/Singer Jake Cochran met in 2010 at a Flaming Lips concert and quickly jumped into the local music scene together, splitting time between organic farming and touring with several bands by bicycle. Formed in the summer of 2015, Illiterate Light was shaped using the confines of the duo line-up to push new creative avenues of expression; Gorman and Cochran shift from producing a huge rock sound to quiet and off-beat moments of vulnerability at the drop of a peach. Both members share a love of songwriting and recording structure, as well as a desire to make each live performance a visceral and memorable experience.

AngelicaGarcia’s journey “down the rabbit hole” began when she moved to Accomac, Virginia. Graduating from Los Angeles School for the Arts, the 17-year-old native Angeleno found herself living in a 200-year-old gothic brick home encircled by magnolia trees and under a blanket of bright stars. Her stepfather traded a career in the music industry for Episcopalian priesthood, and an Eastern Shore church would serve as his (and the family’s) first congregation. Isolated and alone, Angelica locked herself in the parish house and fashioned a musical world that veers between ghostly gorgeous countrified blues and sly swamp Americana. With a childlike whimsy, quirky sense of humor, and dynamic delivery, it could easily soundtrack an apparitions’ ball in some Faulknerian mansion. Upon first listen, it entranced Warner Bros. Records. Recorded by Charlie Peacock [The Civil Wars, Switchfoot] in Nashville, her full-length debut Medicine For Birds unlocks this world for everyone in 2016.