Dangermuffin w/ Scott Moss Band

Dangermuffin w/ Scott Moss Band

November 03, 2017 12:00 AM


Heritage—it’s more than a place on the map. In their sixth and most purposeful album to date, Dangermuffin’s Heritage takes listeners on an eight-song exploration to the roots of human knowledge, before spirituality became “organized.”

Where are we really from? Through “Ancient Family” to “One Last Swim,” we meet the seeker of truth, looking for wisdom from our prediluvian ancestors. Water and the ocean serve as repeated metaphors in a storyline of healing through spiritual awareness.

Recorded, in part, at the Unitarian Church in Charleston, a National Historic Landmark where congregations have sought truth with open hearts and minds since its founding in 1772, the album’s inception and creation echo its motives and message. Heritage is about getting to the shared roots of humanity, and following that all the way out to the branches where the forbidden fruit—the muffin, sweet and simple—begs to be plucked and consumed. But don’t take a bite without an open heart.