RRR Presents: Lucid Traveler, The Dawn Drapes, Debrider

RRR Presents: Lucid Traveler, The Dawn Drapes, Debrider

December 15, 2016 3:00 AM @The Camel

Radio Rubber Room Presents!
Lucid Traveler w/ The Dawn Drapes and Debrider at The Camel

Lucid Traveler:
Our genre can be difficult to encapsulate since our music is as varied as the members’ backgrounds and influences, ranging from: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gorillaz, Tenacious D, Parlaiment, Yes, Tame Impala, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more.

Lucid Traveler is an instrumental (for now!) trio from Richmond, Virginia (which was recently identified as one of the most underrated music scenes in the country!).

The Dawn Drapes:
The Dawn Drapes is an alternative indie rock trio that formed in early 2011 as the brain child of songwriters Michael Sanzo and Daniel Rice. Early on the group played folk inspired rock and roll with a hint of avant garde. Over the next few months the group gained experience by playing with a rotating group of musicians that brought influences from many different genres, further expanding the music palette of The Dawn Drapes.