RRR Presents! Rasta Country w/ Burning Fire & Lunar Phases

RRR Presents! Rasta Country w/ Burning Fire & Lunar Phases

December 29, 2016 2:00 AM @The Camel

Radio Rubber Room Showcase ft.


Drummie Zeb has been passionate about music his whole life, and has been playing the drums since his childhood. The event that really set things up for Zeb with Bob Marley and The Wailers came when he was playing with The Awareness Art Ensemble, the two groups were on the same bill numerous times. He sat in on their sound checks, playing alongside Aston Family Man Barrett, the original Bassist of the Wailers who produced, arranged and wrote much of the band’s legendary catalog. Drummie Zeb, maintaining his relationship with Family Man, twelve years ago was approached by an Awareness Art Ensemble manager who had also worked with the Wailers, and had heard that the Wailers needed a Drummer. Shortly after, Drummie Zeb found himself playing in the most internationally known Reggae band, enhancing his creativity as a drummer. After the summer tour with Kenny Chesney, Drummie went on touring with Wailers & recording and writing for his personal project, Rasta Country. Rasta Country seeks to bring two styles of music together that aren’t generally associated with each other, and give a sense of going from the farm to the beach.


Burning fire rapidly growing reggae band out Richmond VA. They play roots reggae with band leader Amani Williams the son of Ernest Williams performing member of The Wailers. They believe in one love and peace which is blended in with their music.


Formerly known as Entropy, Richmond based band
Justin Weaver – Vocals, Guitar,
Kevin Jacobs – Lead Guitar,
EJ Burton – Drums,
Ben Ferrell – Bass