Triathalon / Inner Wave / Camp Howard / Del Sur

Triathalon / Inner Wave / Camp Howard / Del Sur

March 05, 2018 12:30 AM

y’all… we dunno where 2 begin w/ this one… Triathalon is releasing their album ‘online’ on feb 16th and comin thru on their U.S. tour with LA buds Inner Wave. gdamn favs, mutual homies. and reef veterans Camp Howard will be making the trek down from Richmond for their 3rd show in our living room. yes, *crowd groans* we also put del sur on the bill cuz… come on. I’m not quite sure how CHS received such a collective blessing (prob all of that ritual sacrifice…) but it is an honor to be ur vessel for this bill. we had previously only imagined such a lineup in the depths of our pea-brained dreams…… suffice it to say that an evening of thrills, comedy, romance, n pure celebration awaits.

Triathalon (NYC) – silky smooth r&b, soulful jams for the lover n the chiller in us all (Broken Circles)

Inner Wave (LA) – funky psych/synth pop from space – lushwave

Camp Howard (RVA) – dynamically groovy post-punk, equal parts sweet and jagged

Del Sur – crystalline bossa pop lime in the coconut dream cucks

$10 @ the door | music @ 8 PM | presented in coordination with Biker Gang Booking