Waistoid Wednesdays: Feat. Verdigrls, Shagwuf & Early Riser

Waistoid Wednesdays: Feat. Verdigrls, Shagwuf & Early Riser

July 27, 2017 12:00 AM

Rock and roll in the middle of a fire fight. Come party every Wednesday at The Gateway with Jessica Louise of HIGH WAISTED on the turntables. Different bands taking to the stage, drinks poured strong, lights turned low, and tunes pumped hot. Dance and tell secrets in dark corners. No creeps. Be cool. Bring flowers.

Doors 8pm / Show 9pm / Dance Party all night

Verdigrls (NYC)
Verdigrls is a indie pop trio comprised of sisters and vocalists Catherine and Anna Wolk and guitarist Rachel Rossen. What began as Catherine’s musings of isolation and nostalgia recorded in Anna’s college dorm in 2013, has grown up into a fully formed band. The foundation of the group is their penchant for conveying unapologetic feeling. Unprotected by alter egos or a “too cool” facade, sincerity is at the core of Verdigrls. Writing, recording and producing in Catherine’s bedroom, they entangle the artificial, synthesizers and electronic beats, with intoxicated guitar riffs and violin and cello, proving all three of their classical roots.
Their sound both calms and leaves you uneasy. Their next EP will be out eventually.

Shagwüf (VA)
Imagine Star Wars, Waynes Wolrd and Spinal Tap had a three way and made a rock n roll baby…Shagwüf is born. Stylistically they are reminiscent of LA’s ‘X’, heavily influenced by Pixies while high kicking towards the punk end of the hard rock spectrum. Shagwüf thrashes with just the right amount of hard blues and psychedelia to invoke early metal pioneers like Sabbath with a slightly twangy, swampy edge that is sure to keep your head banging. “Sally Rose has all the charisma of a rock ‘n’ roll star paired with the grit and charm of an old-fashioned Southern [pin up]. A woman of various musical incarnations (The Sally Rose Band, Lady Stardust) she brings attitude and solid chops to the bass in [Shagwüf]” (Cville Weekly). Along with her sultry vocals and song writing prowess, Sweet Pete Stallings (Lost Indian, Secret Ninja) lends his quirky songwriting along with his signature fuzzed out, lovingly scuzzy guitar tones. The two of them provide a rambunctious chemistry that draws the crowd up close and personal with back bends and sweaty head locks. Ivan Christo (Jaguardini, Pelacanesis), the newest addition to the stoner-metal troupe, throws in trippy, synthetic, phaser-pop infused keys to turn the power trio up to 11. Percussionist Pablo Olivieri (Pablo & The Dregs, The Findells) attacks the drums like a Argentine love child. Pablo’s ferocity is compelling with his use of the pink tambo, giant yellow maraca & empty beer bottles.

Early Riser (Brooklyn)
Early Riser plays catchy folk-pop-punk songs that are heavy on strings, harmonies and feelings. Debut album Currents out June 16 on Anchorless/A-F Records.


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