TAUK w/ Fire Dancers at Rooster Walk 8

Chanelle in Posted May, 30 2016

TAUK w/ Fire Dancers at Rooster Walk 8

Thanks to the Southern Belles and Ben Butterworth for letting me tag along with them to Rooster Walk 8! I got to spend some quality time with the guys, a bunch of our friends, made a bunch of new friends, and got to see a whole bunch of amazing performances from bands I already loved, and some new crushes, too!

This late night TAUK set from Saturday night at Rooster Walk 8, complete with fire spinners and a blanket full of friends, was one of my favorite moments of the entire weekend – which is saying A LOT.

The incredible sunset Lettuce set before that was insane, Naughty Professor before them was amazing, and my Saturday started off with an awesome Southern Belles set (w/ a shrimp boil!) on the VIP stage…

Sunday was full of more fun and a million new friends – Shout out to Mason Via, E-Jay Trice, and YARN y’all are my new favorites – Thanks for the dances!!

This was my first Rooster Walk, and I will DEFINITELY be back next year!
I have nothing but great things to say about it! The venue was gorgeous, well-maintained, clean, and full of shady spots to camp, picnic tables and fire pits to gather round, and featured one of the most awe-inspiring sunsets I’ve ever seen.

The production was insanely professional and well-done the entire time – the sound was on point at every stage and Brian Bailey killed the lights all weekend. The staff was organized, helpful, visible, and friendly.

The food vendors covered a variety of styles and tastes, and all had enough delicious treats for everyone all weekend (special shoutout and happy birthday to Danny at Daily Grind!). There were a ton of clothing, art, & jewelry vendors; The Pine stage was decked out with an amazing lounge full of pillows, bean bags, chess boards, and candles; There was live painting and beautiful art for sale; There were booths to get massages, practice yoga, learn and compete in frisbee golf, and try your hand walking a slack line, or hula hoop, or fire spinning…


The community, though, was my favorite part – I didn’t see anyone without a smile or a kind word for everyone else all weekend. It was a pleasure to meet everyone I encountered, and I can’t wait to see you all again next year!
Special thanks to Chelsea and Pat for being my adult posse; Nick, Mitch, and Smeagol for Saturday night, and The Belles for the ticket! You guys are all great, and I love you!

For more info on Rooster Walk, Check out http://roosterwalk.com/

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